Jewish college students are invited to participate in the Robert Israel Lappin Jewish Young Adult Leadership Seminar, a new program inspired by Robert Israel Lappin, of blessed memory, whose leadership in the Jewish community spanned more than 70 years. Robert Lappin served as an inspirational Jewish role model for individuals of all ages.

The theme of the 2020 seminar is Becoming an Inspirational Jewish Leader.

Thought-provoking presentations and independent activities will stimulate your mind, nurture your soul and help you on a path of inspirational Jewish leadership.

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon successful completion of the program requirements:

  • Participate in six virtual sessions, 30-45 minutes each
  • Write three short post-session reflections
  • Complete two independent activities

Virtual sessions will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday evenings

July 13            Deborah L. Coltin                  On Becoming an Inspirational Jewish Leader

July 20            Dr. Noam Weissman              Moses, Mandela and the Meaning of Leadership

July 27            Dr. Noam Weissman               The Good, the Bad and the Utterly Bizarre

August 3          Dr. Noam Weissman               Failure – A Fundamental Feature of Leadership

August 10        Rabbi Marc Baker                   The Makings of a Jewish Community

August 17        Ariela HaLevi                         Soulful Jewish Leadership

Independent Activities due by August 14, 2020.

  • Get to Know a Jewish Leader: Interview a Jewish leader you are interested in getting to know better (template will be provided).
  • The Jewish War Veteran: A Special Kind of Inspirational Leader: Interview a Jewish War Veteran and document the interview for the new online exhibit honoring Jewish War Veterans (template will be provided).

The course is free and open to Jewish college students. View syllabus here. Register here. If you have questions contact Deborah Coltin at 978-740-4428 or email