• Pregnant or the parent of a baby?
  • Lonely, exhausted, or overwhelmed?
  • Interested in having someone support you as you support your new baby?

Consider a Lauren & Mark Rubin Visiting Moms® volunteer – a friendly face, non-judgemental adult conversation, and a chance to tell someone how you are really feeling.

Lauren & Mark Rubin Visiting Moms® is a free home visiting program for moms or dads of newborns, whether it’s the first baby or a new baby in the household. Rubin Visiting Moms® volunteers, who are trained and supervised, support parents as they adjust to parenting this baby. Volunteers visit parents weekly for a minimum of eight weeks and up until the baby’s first birthday or as long as the parent is interested.

Visit www.jfcsboston.org/VisitingMoms to learn more about this award-winning program or contact Debbie Whitehill at 781-693-5625 or dwhitehill@jfcsboston.org to sign up or make a referral.