Donors to Lappin Foundation’s 2020 Annual Campaign

Lappin Foundation is grateful for the generous support from our donors , which helps to fund programs that promote our mission of enhancing Jewish identity across generations.




Mark Gelfand
Jody Kipnis and Todd Ruderman


Lowenstein Foundation
Sharon and Howard Rich


Arthur J. Epstein and Bryna Litchman
Epstein Hillel School
Morton and Lillian Waldfogel Foundation – Maureen and Peter Waldfogel

$5,000 – $9,999

Jamie and Ethan Berg
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Howard A. Cook Family Foundation
Ruth and George Rooks
Dorothy and Richard Tatelman
The Breakers

$2,500 – $4,999

Joshua Chmara
Judy and Brian Ditchek
Eastern Bank
Fara and Jay Goldberg
Faith and Steven Quintero


Deborah and Gary Coltin
Barbara Goldman
Marylou and Herbert Gray



Dorit and Ron Cohen

$1,000 – $1,799

Dr. Michael Baratz
Emilia Black
Harold Cohen
Dr. Philip and Eve Cutter
Dr. Harold and Zelda Kaplan
Lois and Joel Kornitsky
Dr. Jacob and Melody Kriteman
Judy and Shepard Remis
Judith Rosenberg
Linda and Arthur Schwartz
Anne and Robert Selby
Ava Hoppenstein Shore
Barbara and Bertil Wolf
Edward E. Zuker

$500 – $999

Estelle Argaman
Kerry and Edward Berman
Carol and Robert Cipriani
Mark J. Coltin, P.C.
Betsy and Jim Feld
Wendy and Mark Gershlak
Dr. Mitchell Jacobson
Shirley Merken
Karen and David Rosenberg
Edward Schlossberg
Dr. Marc and Cheryl Shnider
David Stern
Este and Sam Sylvetsky

$100 – $499

Susan and Clifford Abelson
Michelle and David Baer
Loretta and Richard Band
Jacob Barosin
Alma Barozzi
Diane and Robert Bauke
Ruth Berg
Francine Black
Elizabeth and William Brudnick
Ruth Budelmann
Elaine A. Byrne
Laila and Steve Chamuel
Frank Chmara
Mark Chulsky
Dr. Barry and Caryn Cohen
Cheryl and Gary Cohen
Steven Cohen
Dr. Daryl Colden and Kristin Tallman
Stacey and Bob Comito
Congregation Ahavas Achim
Congregation Sons of Israel
Consulate General of Israel to New England
Deanna and Neil Cooper
Nancy and Arnold Cowan
Gillian Cowen
Sharon Wyner and Anthony D’Avolio
Harriet and Richard Dechowitz
Carol and Sam Denbo
Ann and John Doherty
Ivy and Peter Dorflinger
Estelle Pinkhasik and Alexander Doyle
Paul B. Dunleavy
Judith and Larry Dunn
Ralph Epstein
Norma and Warren Epstein
Ellen and Norman Erlich
Gail and Barry Falkoff
Susan and Gregory Federspiel
Amy and William Flaxer
Alegria and George Freedman
Jo Ann Freedman
Stefanie and Bob Gladstone
Jacqueline and Jordan Glicksman
Esther and Arthur Goldberg
Elaine and Philip Goldberg
Lois and Stephen Goldberg
Liza and Jay Goldman
Hinda Goodstein
Martha and Robert Gurman
Doreen Harris
Lisa Giovanetti and Jeffrey Held
Susan Jacobs and Andrea Ring
Jewish Community Center of the North Shore
Pat and Ron Kafker
Donna and Spencer Kagan
Amy and Adam Karas
Amy and Larry Katz
Paige and Michael Katzenstein
Anita and Abe Kaufman
Carol and William Kirchick
Carolyn and Stewart Leshin
Alison D. Levins
Rose Anne and Gerald Levinson
Harriet and Harold Levy
Andrea and Marc Libeskind
Jessie K. Lipson
Dr. Daniel and Linda Magalnick
Ellen, Amy and Susan Musinsky
Stacy and Bruce Orloff
Ann Parker
Linda and Mark Petrino
Pierce, Pierce & Napolitano
Jennifer Raitt
Edythe Roberts
Boris Romanovsky
Jill and Michael Rose
Martha and Robert Rose
David Rosenberg
Dr. Howard and Evie Rosenkrantz
Judith and Kenneth Rosenthal
Phyllis Sagan
Salem Pediatric Dental & Orthodontic Associates
Shelley and Martin Schneer
Ed Secatore
Ashley Serotta
Rachel and Eric Shwartz
Elaine and Herbert Siegel
Barbara Sigel
Chester Simons
Judith and George Small
Kathryn Snowdon
Michelle and Lawrence Soll
Pauline and Vincent Spirito
Benjamin Spunt
Abby Stacks
Josene Steinberg
Anna Stulberg
Temple Tiferet Shalom
Lorinda and Alan Visnick
Elaine and Roger Volk
Rhona Weiner
King Weinstein
Richard Weiss
Annette and Daniel White
Wendy and Conrad Wicks
Dr. Marvin and Pauline Wilson
Varvara and Jon Zucker

$50 – $99

Israella and Howard Abrams
Jacqueline Comins-Addis and Jeffrey Addis
Judith and Leonard Allen
Arnould Gallery and Framery
Leo Berman
David Bornstein
Dr. Sheldon and Frances Brown
Lucie and Richard Burke
Congregation Tifereth Israel
Rachel and Adam Dicker
Susan and Richard Dinkin
Larisa and Ethan Forman
Rabbi Myron and Eileen Geller
Janice Gershlak
Marsha and H. Elliott Goldstein
Sally Gordon
Saul Gurman
Leslie and Michael Harsip
Merrill J. Herbster
Holocaust Legacy Foundation
Robert Hughes
Elana Kaplan
Irene and Jonathan Leamon
Heather and Travis LeDoyt
Herbert Levine
Dr. David L. Levy
Cindy and Ron Matloff
Janet Miller
North Suburban Jewish Community Center
Dr. Barrie and Barbara Ann Paster
Carolyn Pivnick
Eva Porcello
Fern Price
Barbara and Jerrold Rosman
Bonnie Rubin
Alida Rutchick
Merle R. Schell
Joanne Scott
Iris Sheinhait
Bette and Daniel Shoreman
Marjorie J. Short
Miriam and Lawrence Shutzer
Sheryl and Alan Sidman
Dr. Michael and Brenda Silverman
Judith and Stephen Simmons
Roberta and Robert Soltz
Barbara and Stephen Steinberg
Deborah Sudenfield
Sue and Eliot Sussman
Gail and William Tarbox
Temple Ahavat Achim
Arlene Tevelow
Laurie and Howard Weinberger
Reggie and Lewis Weinstein
Bonnie and Kurt Westerman
Ashley and Jason Whyman
Enid and David Wise

Up to $49

Rosalyn and Barry Abrams
Roberta Abrams
Jennifer Adler
Amazon Smile
Bernice and Arthur Bennett
Carrie and Ariel Berger
Rosalie and Scott Bornstein
Marjorie Casper
Paula Cohen
Linda and Frank DeAngelo
Stephen Desatnick
Laurie and John Dunn
Jeff Eichel
Myrna Fearer
Zipora Feiner
Harriet Feinstein
Susan and Steven Feinstein
Muriel Follick
Dr. Jason and Fran Freshman
Don Ganz
Marion G. Garfinkel
Susan and Richard Garnick
Daniel Goldberg
Rachelle Goldberg
Sarah and Saul Goldberg
Rosa Lee and Edward Goldstein
Sema Goldstein
Marlene Goodman
Susan Green
Myrna and Harry Grossman
Geri and Edward Guralnick
Doris and Elliot Hershoff
Paula and Alan Ivey
Frances and Robert Kaplan
Andrea Katz
Paulina Katz
Bernice Kazis
Ann Laaff
Elaine and Leslie Lerman
Jay Lewis
Adele and Mark Lubarsky
Caren and Daniel McEachern
Iris Meltzer
Cindy and Gerald Meola
Lindsey and Eli Naparstek
Madeleine and Sam Nathan
Julie Newburg
Sandra Novick
Terri Oliver and Walter Booth
Sally and Rodney Palmer
Beatrice Paul
Ann and Michael Pearlman
Nancy Perkus
Irene Polner
Barry Poretsky
Amy Riskin
Arlene Rosen
Elaine Rosen
Julia and Leonard Rubin
Edward Rudd
Gladys Saslaw
Gloria Sax
Barbara and David Schneider
Joan Shechet
Corrine Shuman
Marjorie Simon
Cristina Rivera and Jonathan Singer
Adria Snider
Rene Soriano
Benjamin Spector
Fred Stark
Karen and Michael Stearn
Tom Stein
Susan and Lawrence Weiner
Andrew White

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PJ Library DIY Hanukkah @ Home

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