Donors to Lappin Foundation’s
2023 Annual Campaign

Lappin Foundation is grateful for the generous support from our donors , which helps to fund programs that support our mission of enhancing Jewish identity across generations.

$25,000 – $50,000

Congregation Ahabat Shalom
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Jody Kipnis and Todd Ruderman
Morton and Lillian Waldfogel Charitable Foundation: Maureen and Peter Waldfogel

$18,000 – $24,999

Cummings Foundation
Sarah Ovadia
Sharon and Howard Rich
Marcia Ruderman


G2 Travel Israel
Howard A. Cook Family Foundation
Karen and David Rosenberg


Epstein Hillel School
Diane and Andy Lappin
Harold Levy
Dr. David M. Milch Foundation
Leslie and Bob Ogan
Ruth and George Rooks


Arthur Black
Josh Chmara
Debbie and Gary Coltin
Fara and Jay Goldberg
Diana Lloyd and Jordan Hershman
Peter Lappin
Swartz Shalom Charitable Fund


Camp Bauercrest
Debby and Erik Belt
Phyllis and Alan Bolotin
Marcia Kaplan-Mann
Joey and Judi Karas
Richard and Dorothy Tatelman & Children

$2,500 to $4,999

Gilbert Asher
Jay Bovarnick
Dorit and Ron Cohen
Congregation Shalom
Mabel Crain
Eastern Bank
Judith Feffer
Myrna Herscot Freedman
Leslie and Michael Goldberg
Lori and Larry Groipen
Holocaust Legacy Foundation
Josh Kraft
Toby and Michael Kumin
The Lappin Family Charitable Fund: Susan and Michael Brown, Judith and Richard Lappin
Prime Buchholz LLC
Royal Jewelers
Karen and Steve Solomon
The Tanger Family
Temple Emanuel
Harold Tubman
Jackie and David Waller

$1,000 to $2,499

Marc and Beth Andler
Lisa and Marc Aronson
Kerry and Ed Berman
Chester and Diane Black
Jared and Chava Bolotin
Philip Cohen
Congregation Shirat Hayam
Norma and Alphonse D’Amico
Essex County Chiefs of Police Association
Dan and Carol Fisher and Family
David and Claire Fisher and Family
The Geller-Naftoly Family
Barbara Goldman and Eitan Aviel
Rabbi Bernie and Anita Horowitz
Mark Jaffe and Marcia Glassman-Jaffe
Mark and Debby Joseph and Family
Zelda and Harold Kaplan
Elliot and Donna Katzman
Drs. Ellen and Ernest Kornmehl
Bonnie and Rick Leto
Simone and Todd Levine
Tobi Lew
Andy and Gail Merken
Shirley Merken
Judy and Bill Mishkin and the extended Mishkin family
Andrew and Bryna Misiura
Sandra and Stuart Osattin
Marina Podstrelova and Anatoly Podstrelov
Renin Associates in Memory of Dr. Fred Jacobson
Dr. J. Myron Rosen
Steve and Joan Rosenthal
Amy and Matthew Ross
Ruthie and Robert Salter
Ed Schlossberg
Linda and Arthur Schwartz
Flori and David Schwartz
Anne and Robert Selby
Shane Skikne
Rebecca and Bradley Sontz
Edward E. Zuker

$500 to $999

Irina Asipenko and Pavel Volkov
Alyse and David Barbash
Audra Lyn Barrie and Mark Lepler
Berwick Academy
Jodi and Tim Carroll
Andrew and Michele Copelotti
Caton Family
Michele and Brian Cohen
Mark Coltin
Stacey, Bob, and Josh Comito
Marc Cooper
Nancy and Arnie Cowan
The DuBrava-Rakowsky Family
Alison and Steven Edelstein
Norma and Warren Epstein
Vanessa Evans and Paul Shepard
Vlad Farfel
The Fine Family
Cari-Lynn and Scott Fisher
Amanda French and Noah Rosen
Irina and Andrew Gibbs
Rhonda and John Gilberg
Liz and Jim Glaser
Ashley, Michael and Ruth Goldberg
Julie and James Goldman
Liza and Jay Goldman
Royce Gregory
David Gruenbaum
The Heit Family
Beth and Brad Jacobson
Heidi and Harry Janock
Jewish Community Center of the North Shore
Melanie and Jeff Kaplan
Marie and Alan Katzen
Karen and Nir Lavi
David and Suzie Leavitt
Lee Family
Dana Lepler
Perlina Levitin and Valery Burkatovsky
Richard Linn
Cindy and Daniel Massoff
Candice and Ken Masters
Judy and Paul Mattera
Jessica and Michael Merriam
Moldau and Taglieri Families
Frances M. Murphy
Lisa and David Nagel
Day and Rich Newburg
North Suburban JCC
The Gary and Susan Ogan family
Stacy and Micah Pollack
Lourdes and Gary Pomerantz
Rabbi Michael Ragozin and Sarah Plymate
The Remis Family
Sheri and Stuart Saginor
Kate and John Saragosa
William and Heather Schultz
Deborah and Marc Schwartz
Julie Selbst and David Siegel
Ari and Joe Selby
Olga and Michael Seltser
Jenny and Stan Seltser
Jen Stark and Adam Sisitsky
Maggie and James Slavet
Michael and Anna Slepoy
Joie and Wayne Spritz
Evelyn Stein
Debby and Richard Strauss
Temple B’nai Abraham
Melissa Upton and Hal Schwartz
Stephanie and Jason Wachtel
Jennifer and Andrew Walker
Joan Wasser-Gish and Jason Gish
Lily Weitzman and Robert Leaton
Dave Zaltas
Lina and Greg Zaltsman
Elizabeth and Leonard Zamansky

$118 to $499

Jane D. Adolph
Sharon and Michael Ariely
Barrie Atkin and Helen Tieger
David and Michelle Baer
Dr. Yitzhak Bakal
Jane and Donald Beader
Judith Bennett
Francine Black
Jenah Blitz-Stoehr
Louise Borke
Harriet and Jeffry Brand
Cheryl Brandes Pine and Lloyd Pine
Audrey and Gary Brenner
Ella and Fyodor Bromberg
Ruth Budelmann and Sam Silverman
Dawna and Thomas Butler
Shari and Robert Cashman
The Chalek Family
Maureen Chapman
Mark Chulsky
Carole Cohen
Congregation Eitz Chayim
Eve and Phil Cutter
Dr. Eli and Dina Davidyan
Rich and Harriet Dechowitz
Carol and Sam Denbo
Ann and John Doherty
Eastern Bank
Jessica and Brett Esterson
Christine and Sam Evans
Evan’s Deli
Gail and Barry Falkoff
Samuel Feinstein
Susan and Steven Feinstein
Ruth and Hans Fisher
Amy and Billy Flaxer
Steffie and Jerry Garfield
Judith B. Gertler
Jacqueline and Jordan Glicksman
Arthur and Esther Goldberg
Jonathan Goldberg
Bob Goldman
Gail Goldstein and Michael Miller
Sema, Carl and Sandor Goldstein
Judy and Robert Goodman
Gerald Goodstein
Helaine and Jim Hazlett
Held – Giovanetti Family
Amy and Adam Karas
Stephanie and Andrew Katz
Mindy and Irving Kempner
Janice and Martin Labell
Jackie Lappin
Irene and Jonathan Leamon
Carolyn and Stewart Leshin
Robert and Cindy Liptrot
David Love and Dorothy Miller
Michael and Cheryl Lunder
Bill McKeon
Men’s Club of Congregation Ahavas Achim
Cynthea Michaels
Doug Moleux
Robin Montville
Paul J. Murphy
Lois Ogan
Erica and Eric Osattin
Marjorie and Randy Patkin
Ann and Michael Pearlman
Ross Pergament & Gillian Pergament
Kit and Rabbi Richard Perlman
Lori Polachek
Laura and Bruce Rafey
Dana and Matthew Ravech
The Rudolph Family
Phyllis Sagan and Family
Paula and David Saginaw
Shelley and Marty Schneer
Danielle Schwartz
Judith Sherman
Craig Slater
Judith Small
Barbara and Stephen Smidt
Michelle and Larry Soll
Risa and Joe Sontz
Arlene and Jack Stahl
Josene Steinberg
Deborah and Alan Titelbaum
Sheila and Ronald Trieff
Adam and Ely Wallen
Walnut Street Synagogue
Reggie and Lewis Weinstein
Janet Winocour
Sharon Wyner and Anthony D’Avolio
Susan and Jonathan Yorks

Up to $117

Roberta Abrams
Amazon Smile
Julie and Jake Barth
Dan and Helaine Berg
Ruth Berg
Elliot Berke
Donald and Melissa Bornstein
Ronit and Chris Boyd
Dr. Sheldon Brown
Vivian Burton
Elaine A. Byrne
Shelby Chapper
Carol and Bob Cipriani
Jodi Coburn and Steven Blumenkrantz
Caryn and Barry Cohen
Martin and Kelli Cohen Fein
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cohen
Sherry Comerchero
Deanna Cooper
Linda and Frank DeAngelo
Linda and Steve Desatnick
Adam and Rachel Dicker
R & S Dinkin
Shoshana Dodge
Judy and Larry Dunn
Diane and Harvey Elefson
Risa Erbes
Lisa and Benjamin Fabry
Myrna S. Fearer
Zipora Feiner
Russ Finer and Terry schultz
Thomas Fowler
Robert H. Freedman
Wendy and Mark Gershlak
Ron and Barbara Gilefsky
Lori Giunta
Lorna and Harvey Goldberg
Rachelle Goldberg
Saul and Sarah Goldberg
Mike Goodstein
Saul Gurman
Irene and Ed Gustat
Doreen Harris
Tania Fine Helhoski
Susan Huberman
Patricia Huxley-Cohen and Alan Cohen
Laurie Hymanson and Family
Irina Kaie
Marcia Kalman
Peter Kaplan
Phyllis and Jacob Karas
Toby Karlyn
Andrea Katz
Ellen Katz
Michael and Paige Katzenstein
Abe and Anita Kaufman
Laurie and Henry Kay
Teri Kayne
Jim and Paula Kesslen
Juliette M. Landesman
Trevor Law
Rachel Burton Lefebvre and Ryan Lefebvre
Marjorie Levin
Dayna Levine
Joyce and Lawrence Lew
Jay Lewis
Andrea C. Liftman
Andrea and Nate Lincoff
Adele and Mark Lubarsky
Debbie and Joel Margolis
Ronald Matloff
Steven Matthews
Marion and David Mendelsohn
Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation
Karen and Mark Meyer
Amy B. Meyers
Susan and Howard Nellhaus
Ruth Nemzoff
Alvah Parker
PayPal Giving Fund
Nancy Perkus
Melissa and Timothy Pierce
Nancy Prag
Fern Price
Julian and Meryl Rich
R. Jon Richmond
Martha and Bob Rose
Judith Rose
Elaine Rosen
Maxine Rosenberg
Ken and Judy Rosenthal
Marcy Ross and Ken Golden
R. Zachary Sanzone
Elliot P. Satenstein
Rene Schecker
Barbara and David Schneider
Elaine Schreiber
Eugene Schultz
Rachel and Mark Seliber
Donna and Ed Seligman
Beth and Peter Shribman
Corrine Shuman
Jo Ann Simons and Chet Derr
Leeta Sinrich
Faye and Richard Soll
Ann and Arthur Sommerstein
Pauline and Vincent Spirito
Sara Stock, D.D.S.
Doris Ruhr Strauss
Karen E. Strauss
Sue and Eliot Sussman
Ruth and David Titelbaum
Phyllis and Robert Tobin
Ronald Truxton
Kimberly Valkenaar and Jason Breitkopf
Joseph Valof, Esq
Elaine and Roger Volk
Volunteer Ventures MA Inc.
Katherine Vyn
Nancy and Steven Walter
Sherry Warman
Beverly Wasserman
Susan and Larry Weiner
Annette and Daniel White
Ashley Whyman
Marv and Polly Wilson
Steven and Jo Ann Wisotsky
Robert Wright
Janice and Elliot Wyner
John and Donna Zahn
Dr. Irma W. Zarinsky

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Barbie through a Jewish Lens

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