Donors to Lappin Foundation’s
2022 Annual Campaign

Lappin Foundation is grateful for the generous support from our donors , which helps to fund programs that support our mission of enhancing Jewish identity across generations.


Cummings Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999

Sarah Ovadia
Jody Kipnis and Todd Ruderman
Morton and Lillian Waldfogel Charitable Foundation: Maureen and Peter Waldfogel

$18,000 – $24,999

Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Sharon and Howard Rich


Deborah and Gary Coltin
Mark Gelfand
Ruth and George Rooks

$8,000 to $9,999

Myrna Herscot Freedman




Joshua Chmara
Fara and Jay Goldberg
Karen and David Rosenberg
Swartz Shalom Charitable Fund


Debby and Erik Belt
Leslie and Bob Ogan
Dorothy and Richard Tatelman

$2,500 to $4,999

Phyllis and Alan Bolotin
Jay Bovarnick
Marc Cooper

Eastern Bank

Amelia and Joshua Katzen
Claudia Granville and Gregory Knight
Josh Kraft
Stacey and Marc Nevins
Prime Buchholz LLC
Ruthie and Robert Salter
Ari and Joe Selby
Karen and Steve Solomon
Jackie and David Waller

$1,000 to $2,499

Dr. Michael Baratz
Kerry and Ed Berman
Leah and Lawrence Berson
Diane and Chester Black
Emilia Black
Dr. Kristin Tallman and Dr. Daryl Colden
Dr. Philip and Eve Cutter
Rachel and Adam Dicker
Dr. Ralph and Linda Epstein
Norma and Warren Epstein
Judith M. Feffer
Jennifer and Jordan Goldberg
Barbara Goldman
Marylou and Herb Gray
Lori and Larry Groipen
Rabbi Bernie and Anita Horowitz
Marion and Joel Kaplan
Zelda and Harold Kaplan
Linda and Dan Magalnick
Shari and Steven McStay
Shirley Merken
Sandra and Stuart Osattin
Faith and Steven Quintero
Judy and Shepard Remis
Dr. J. Myron Rosen
Bill Sapers
Ed Schlossberg
Linda and Arthur Schwartz
Anne and Robert Selby
Rachel and Steven Selby
Rebecca, Bradley, Sarah, Carly and Jack Sontz
Thomas Mackey & Sons, Inc.
Millie and Harold Tubman
Dr. Bertil and Barbara Wolf
Edward E. Zuker

$500 to $999

Sharon and Marty Adler
Melissa and Darren Aizanman
Melissa and Daniel Albert
Alyse and David Barbash
Beth Pfefferle and Jeff Barry
Cindy and Marc Bello
Elisa and Steve Bernstein
Jessica Black and James Odorczuk
Susan Bley
Rita and Boris Burdetsky
Phil Cohen
Elizabeth and Steven Cushinsky
Lynda and John Diamond
Alison and Steven Edelstein
Kelly and John Flynn
Patricia and Steven Freedman
Andy Gelbert
Molly and Michael Gerson
Dawn Gilliland and Eric Gilliland
Jessica and Darin Goldberg
Carolyne and Mark Golding
Cara and Leonardo Goldwasser
Susanna and Benjamin Gross
Jill and Joseph Gross
Catherine and David Hack
Jennifer and Charles Hano
Cathleen Barstow and Michael Hass
Julie and Sean Hopkinson
Heather Gold and Adam Jacobs
Fang Liu and Mitchell Jacobson
Jennifer Kahn
Barbara M. Kant
Amy and Adam Karas
Heidi Jaillet and Jeff Katz
Marie and Alan Katzen
Kimberly and Christopher Kent
Julie Kramer
Jackie and Matt Lappin
Peter Lappin
Jennifer and Jonathan Lederman
Simone and Todd Levine
Jay Lewis
Kimberly and Scott Margolis
Susan and Joseph McKendry
Men’s Club of Temple Ner Tamid
Robyn and Richard Mintzer
Ilana and Gregory Mogolesko
Michelle and David Myerson
Madeleine Nathan
Gail and Daniel New
Dr. Marc and Kari Pearlstein
Sagan Harborside Sotheby’s International Realty
Carole and Joel Saslaw
Vanessa Evans and Paul Shepard
Alexandra Shube
Judith Small
Annette Berson-Smith and Daniel Smith
Faye and Richard Soll
Stanetsky-Hymanson Memorial Chapel
Pamela Milman Stein and Richard Stein
Debby and Richard Strauss
Allison Goldberg and Ted Stux
Dr. Michael and Laurie Szycher
Diane and Scott Szycher
Naomi Takata
Janet and Michael Tarlin
Temple B’nai Abraham
Temple Emanu-El
Lyla and Neil Weinbaum
Rachael Winer
Dave Zaltas
Freda Nemirovsky and Anton Zavriyev

$118 to $499

Alexander Muss High School in Israel/ JNF
Alisa Alvarez
Michelle and David Baer
Alma Barozzi
Judith Bennett and Family
Ruth Berg
Lisa Conviser Berger, Larry Berger and Zachary Berger
Francine Black
Dr. Joel and Nancy Black
Jenah Blitz-Stoehr
Howard L. Blum
Betsy, Michael, Morgan and Jordan Brodsky
Camp Bauercrest
Mark Chulsky
Carol and Robert Cipriani
Michele and Brian Cohen
Dorit and Ron Cohen
Congregation Sons of Israel
Nancy and Arnie Cowan
Sharon Wyner and Anthony D’Avolio
Harvey Dobrusin
Ann and John Doherty
Margot Einstein
Gail and Barry Falkoff
Samuel Feinstein
Susan and Steven Feinstein
Ruth and Hans Fisher
Ilya Freytsis
Friedman Family
Wendy and Mark Gershlak
Esther and Arthur Goldberg
Elaine and Philip Goldberg
The Golden Family
Marie Sloan and Ron Goodman
Gerald Goodstein
Lisa Giovanetti and Jeffrey Held
Amy, Adam, Jason and Danny Karas
Stephanie, Andrew, Madi and Sam Katz
LeahGrace Kayler
Carol and William Kirchick
Marilyn Schlein Kramer and Bobby Kramer
Ann Laaff
JM Labell Charitable Fund
Irene and Jonathan Leamon
Carolyn and Stewart Leshin
Rose Anne and Gerald Levinson
Andrea McRae and Marc Libeskind
Alexandra and Jay Lukoff
Carolyn Maibor
The McKendry and Hass Families
Jodi Murphy
Laura and Jim New
Cindy and Burt Ochs
Marjorie and Randy Patkin
Ann and Michael Pearlman
Michelle Roseman
Shelley and Martin Schneer
Barbara and David Schneider
Shiri Isenstein and Mark Schonfeld
Melissa Upton and Hal Schwartz
Traci and Kenneth Segal
Judith Sherman
Ruth Budelmann and Sam Silverman
Carole and Jack Skowronski
Leslie and Craig Slater
Onir and Jeff Spiegel
Jessie Baker and Joe Stoopack
Landers Symes
Temple Ner Tamid
The Vatnik Family
Elaine and Roger Volk
Wendy and Conrad Wicks
Polly and Marv Wilson, Gordon College
Joan Zaidman
Lina and Greg Zaltsman

Up to $117

Rosalyn and Barry Abrams
Roberta Abrams
Judith and Leonard Allen
Irene Bahrami
Thomas Barth
Bernice and Arthur Bennett
Helaine and Dan Berg
Murray Bob
Sheree Boloker
David Bornstein
Melissa and Donald Bornstein
Ella and Fyodor Bromberg
Dr. Sheldon Brown
Elizabeth and William Brudnick
Janice A. Bucco
Laila and Steve Chamuel
Dr. Barry and Caryn Cohen
Stacey and Bob Comito
Linda and Steve Desatnick
Susan and Richard Dinkin
Judy and Larry Dunn
Deb Edinburg
Myrna S. Fearer
Suzanne Feil
Harriet Feinstein
Karen Fine
Russell Finer
Iris Fitzemeyer
Amy and William Flaxer
Alexandra Foltz
Debra Ankeles and Robert Freedman
Marie and David Frier
Barbara and George Gammel
Don Ganz
Marion G. Garfinkel & Family
Rabbi Myron S. and Eileen Geller
Jeanne Glick
Sarah and Saul Goldberg
Rosa Lee and Edward Goldstein
Sema, Carl and Sandor Goldstein
Elaine Goodman
Lainie Goodman
Hinda Goodstein
Arian Gordon
Jon Gordon
Karen and Ken Goss
Susan Green
Heidi and Robert Greenbaum
Linda and Robert Gross
Michael Gruenbaum
Saul Gurman
Doreen Harris
Haila Darcy Harris
Tania Fine Helhoski
Doris and Elliot Hershoff
Stephanie and Todd Hirshon
Barbara and Chris Hudson
Marcia and Richard Huttner
Phyllis and Jack Karas
Andrea Katz
Anita and Abe Kaufman
Judy and Steve Kemp
Mindy and Irving Kempner
Michal and Dallas Kennedy
Paula and James Kesslen
Beth Leclair
Cheryl and Jeffrey Levin
Susan and Larry Levine
Rachel Levine
Jay Lewis
Rebecca Livstone
Adele and Mark Lubarsky
Karen and Jerry Madorsky
Arlene and Martin Margolis
Karen and Jake Maslow
Cindy and Ronald Matloff
Iris Meltzer
Janet and Richard Miller
Joan and Mel Nagler
Grace and Alfred Newman
Abraham Ogman
David Ovadia
Cynthia Paisner
Sally and Rodney Palmer
Alvah Parker
Barbara Ann and Barrie Paster
Sarah Patt
PayPal Giving Fund
Ann Pendexter
Lorraine Picano
Elyse Pipitone
Barry Poretsky
Fern Price
Jennifer Raitt
Iris and Eric Reines
Todd Remis
Meryl and Julian Rich
R. Jon Richmond
Martha and Bob Rose
Elaine Rosen
Judy and Ken Rosenthal
Stuart Rudd
Anita and Mark Rudin
Suzanne Sabogal
Barry Schapiro
Rene Levine Schecker
Elaine Schreiber
Jill Schwartz
Donna and Ed Seligman
Amanda Esar and Josh Shama
Beverly and Melvin Shapiro
Joan Shechet
Roz Shraiar
Rene Shuman
Arla Silverstein
Harriet and Gary Soiref
Lily and Stan Solopov
Roberta and Robert Soltz
Pauline and Vincent Spirito
Ronda and Stuart Spitzer
Arlene and Jack Stahl
Sandra and Fred Stark
Tom Stein
Barbara and Steve Steinberg
Michelle and Andrew Steingiser
Susan and Peter Sullivan
Beth and Paul Tassinari
Jeanne Testaverde
Ruth and David Titelbaum
Cynthia Tramonte
Ellen Wassarman
Rebecca and Peter Wassarman
Reggie and Lewis Weinstein
Annette and Daniel White
Sara and Marc Winer
Enid and David Wise
Dr. Joel and Judith Wyner
Rachel and Scott Zalvan
Dr. Eric and Julie Zieff
Ellen and Robert Zirin

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Israel @ 75!

Israel @ 75!

Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. ET on Zoom As Israel’s 75th anniversary approaches, join Ido Aharoni, Global Distinguished Professor for International Relations at NYU’s...

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PJ Library J-Play!

PJ Library J-Play!

Sunday, December 189:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Temple Emanu-El, 514 Main Street, Haverhill J-Play! is designed for children ages infant to pre-K. It's a periodic Sunday morning...

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