Jewish Pride Posters

Jewish Pride Posters

“The posters have such a simple message, beautifully done. We have used them in our religious school and passed them to the public school.”
– Rabbi Barbara Aiello of Temple Beth El in Bradenton, Fla.,

Designed to instill Jewish pride in children, the Jewish pride poster set is a wonderful addition to any classroom.  Phrases on posters trigger powerful discussions about Jewish identity, and all the pictures are of American Jewish teens in Israel, proving to be an excellent teaching tool about Israel.

Sayings on posters include:

  • “It’s Cool to Be Jewish”
  • “It’s Fun to be Jewish”
  • “It’s a challenge to be Jewish”
  • “Proud to be Jewish”
  • A fifth poster shows the map of the Middle East, highlighting Israel as a small country and a world population pie chart showing Jews as less than one quarter of one percent of the world population with the words, “We are small in numbers and size … but we are a great and unique family.”

These posters are ideal for Jewish schools, camps, JCCs, museums, Federations, Hillels, and other Jewish venues. To order a free set of Jewish pride posters, call Susan Feinstein at 978-740-4431 or email and include your name, mailing address, phone number and email.