Rekindle Shabbat

Bring the beauty of Shabbat home for your family and friends!

Rekindle Shabbat provides you with everything you need to celebrate Shabbat at home – delicious Shabbat meals prepared by Levine’s Kosher Market in Peabody and a kit full of Shabbat items. Invite a family (or two) to join you to make Shabbat special.*

Holiday-themed food will enhance your Shabbat meal.
December 8: Hanukkah (Festival of Lights)
March 22: Purim (Feast of Lots)
May 10: Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day)

Not sure who to pair up with, but interested in participating? We are happy to match you with another family in your area!

This program is free and open to families with children, teens and younger, who live in or are affiliated with Jewish organizations in Lappin Foundation’s Merrimack Valley or North Shore service area.

*First year participants to Rekindle are not required to partner with another family. First year participants will receive a Shabbat kit with all the tools necessary to welcome the holiday.

For more information contact Lynne Krasker Schultz at

What Rekindle Shabbat means to our families:

“From the moment the Shabbat kit entered our home, our child has been fascinated by Shabbat.”
-Anna Walcutt, South Hamilton

“We have been meaning to start a Shabbat routine in our home.  With the starter kit and prayers, we’ve been able to make our Friday nights special for our family.  It’s been a key element of introducing our son to Judaism.”
-Ashley Serotta, South Hamilton

“My husband is Jewish, yet does not practice his faith.  This was a way for me to learn about his heritage and pass it on to his/our children.  We learned the Hebrew words and about the special traditions involved with Shabbat.”
-Danielle Panneton, Middleton

“We always celebrated Shabbat, but this made it more likely that we would invite another family over.”
-David Kaufman, Lynnfield

“Rekindle Shabbat got our family to come closer together in enjoyment of our Jewish beliefs.”
-Faina Makhler, Salem

“Rekindle Shabbat helped us to meet and connect with other young Jewish families we might not have otherwise met.  It’s a tradition our family looks forward to and it’s great to see the kids in our group grow up together with it, too.
-Keiko Zoll, Salem

“Rekindle Shabbat helps my blended family learn about the meaning of Shabbat and carry on the tradition in an easy way.  Having a buddy family also keeps us accountable to celebrating consistently.”
-Sarah Tugender, Danvers