Interfaith Outreach

Introduction to Judaism 2023 – 2024

Introduction to Judaism is a free 21 week course designed for individuals of faiths other than Judaism who want to explore Judaism or who are considering conversion to Judaism.

For those considering conversion, please note the following:

  1. Regular attendance is required.
  2. Upon completion of the course with approval of your sponsoring clergyperson, a participant may proceed to a rabbinic court for conversion. Your sponsoring rabbi or cantor will assist you in making the necessary arrangements.
  3. If applicable, the spouse or partner of the participant who is contemplating conversion is required to take the course.
  4. Lappin Foundation will fund the cost of immersion in the mikvah (ritual bath) for individuals converting to Judaism.

Sponsoring Clergyperson

Individuals who are taking the course for conversion to Judaism are required to have a sponsoring rabbi or cantor. If you need assistance selecting a sponsoring clergyperson or for more information about Introduction to Judaism contact Deborah Coltin at 978-740-4428 or


Tuition is free. Introduction to Judaism is funded with generous support from the Morton and Lillian Waldfogel Charitable Foundation and Peter and Maureen Waldfogel.

This link will bring you to a printable schedule of class dates and topics.

For more information contact Sharon Wyner at or call 978-565-4450.

Subsidized Conversions to Judaism & Welcome Gift

Subsidized conversions and welcome gifts are available to those living in or who belong to a Jewish organization in Lappin Foundation’s North Shore Service Area.

Under the supervision of a sponsoring rabbi or cantor, costs related to conversion, including mikvah (ritual bath) are fully subsidized for men (non-surgical), women and children.

For more information on subsidized conversions, or if you need a rabbi or cantor to sponsor your conversion, call Deborah Coltin at 978-740-4428, or contact your clergyperson.

In celebration of conversion to Judaism and in welcoming the new Jew-by-choice to our Jewish Family, the Foundation is pleased to offer a gift bag of Jewish ritual items. Contact Deborah Coltin at 978-740-4428 or if you have questions.