Jody Kipnis

Assistant Clerk

Jody Kipnis, of Boston, knew it would be a great way for her to connect with an organization that shares her values when Bob Lappin invited her to join the board of Lappin Foundation. A lifelong volunteer for various non-profit organizations, she currently serves as president of the Holocaust Legacy Foundation and is actively working on creating a Holocaust Museum in Boston on the historic Freedom Trail. She is also a board member of Jewish Big Brother Big Sister, Boston.

She considers Lappin Foundation’s greatest strengths to be its leadership, focus, and ability to inspire the community, and hopes to bring her commitment, the gift of time, and a willingness to use personal and professional resources to help advance the organization’s mission.

For Jody, the Holocaust Symposium for Teens is the most personally meaningful Lappin program. She sees the Holocaust as a source of important lessons from the past to teach about the present and the future. “It brings to the forefront human rights and social justice issues. This program engages teens with complicated moral questions, many of which do not come with simple answers. Education about the Holocaust will encourage teens to reflect on how they, as individuals could or should act in society,” she said.

As a board member, she brings to Lappin Foundation the best of what she has to offer at this point in her life. “I’m passionate about their mission. The more I care and contribute, the more I grow,” she added.